In the development of artificial intelligence applied to the development of future products such as automobiles and robots, a major automobile manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation (Headquarters: Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, President Akio Toyoda) has been conducting computer science and artificial intelligence research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. We have agreed to collaborate with Stanford University Center for Artificial Intelligence.Toyota will contribute a total of US $ 5 over the next five years to establish a collaborative research center with each.It seems to be a momentum for the practical application of self-driving cars that Toyota is researching.

At both cooperation centers, aiming at application to automobiles and robots, we will promote research to realize object recognition under various environments, advanced situation judgment, and safe mutual cooperation between humans and machines.The research results will be used for product development not only in automobiles and robots, but also in the information service field.
In addition, Toyota will invite Dr. Gil Brad, who was the program manager at the Disaster Relief Robot Competition hosted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense, to study artificial intelligence in automobiles and robots.Dr. Brad is also involved in the establishment of the Collaborative Research Center, and will advise on the research conducted and its utilization at both Collaborative Research Centers.

Toyota has been using autonomous driving technology and advanced driver assistance systems to provide more customers with freedom of movement while ensuring safety against the backdrop of social issues such as prevention of traffic accidents and the progress of an aging society. Has been working on the development of.In the field of robot technology development, we have been working on the development of industrial robots since the 1970s, and have started developing partner robots and life support robots since the 2000s.Computers and artificial intelligence have great potential for further development of driving support and robot technology, so we decided to establish a new collaborative research center with both universities, which are at the forefront of artificial intelligence research, to further enhance research. bottom.

Kiyotaka Ise, Senior Managing Officer, General Manager of Technology Development Division, Toyota, said, "In this collaboration, we will work on research with the goal of improving the lives of our customers, not just cars. We will take on new themes that have never been seen before. However, I would like to make a big leap in Toyota's research and development. "

Source:[Toyota Motor Corporation] Established a collaborative research center with Toyota, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University

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