Tokyo Online University was approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on August 2017, 8, and it was decided to open in April 29. From September 2018, 4, TV commercials of Tokyo Online University have been aired nationwide.

 Tokyo Online University, which will be newly opened, is an internet university where you can obtain a university graduation qualification (bachelor's degree) without worrying about location, time, and cost. We will develop human resources who can play an active role in the information and welfare field, where the shortage of human resources is pointed out in modern Japan, aiming at education that responds to social backgrounds such as some people who have no choice but to give up education.

 The feature is that you do not need to go to school and lectures are given by video distribution.In addition to lectures, you can check the status of credit acquisition and study on the Internet, such as on your smartphone, so you can study without worrying about time or place.The basic composition of one lecture frame delivered as a video is four videos of about 1 minutes and a quiz. Since it is distributed every 15 minutes, it is designed to make it easy to take lectures even during free time such as lunch breaks at work.In addition, you can earn 4 credit by taking 15 classes and taking a credit examination (or report).

 The faculties and departments to be established are the "Faculty of Information Management Information Management Department" that develops human resources who have IT (information technology) expertise and skills and can create innovation, and welfare specialists such as social workers and mental health workers. "Faculty of Human Welfare, Department of Human Welfare".The total tuition fee for the first year is 1 yen, and the tuition fee for 22 years from admission to graduation is 4 yen including the admission fee.This is the cheapest tuition fee for an online university. (As of August 62)

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