The Council for the Establishment of Universities and School Corporations has reported to the Minister of Science, Yoshimasa Hayashi, as an exception to the increase in the number of students in 23, which was requested by 4 private universities in the 2018 wards of Tokyo such as Showa Women's University.The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will approve it as reported by the end of the year.

 According to the Ministry of Education, Showa Women's University in Setagaya Ward, Teikyo Heisei University in Toshima Ward and Nakano Ward, Tokyo University of Agriculture in Setagaya Ward, and Tokyo University of Science in Katsushika Ward applied for an increase in capacity.

 Showa Women's University will increase the capacity of the Department of Environmental Design, Faculty of Life Sciences, from the conventional 200 to 210 by 10.Tokyo University of Science will increase the number of students from 90 to 110 in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering.
Teikyo Heisei University will increase the number of students from 80 to 100 in the Department of Physical Therapy in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, from 119 to 129 in the Department of Nursing in the Faculty of Human Care, and from 89 to 119 in the Department of Judo Therapy.The total capacity of Teikyo Heisei University will increase to 60.
Tokyo Agricultural University has 140 to 150 students in the Department of Applied Biochemistry, the Department of Brewing Science, and the Department of Food Safety and Health in the Faculty of Applied Bioscience, and 140 to 150 students in the Department of Bioscience in the Faculty of Life Science, and the Department of Molecular Biochemistry. , Department of Molecular Microbiology from 115 to 130 respectively.The Department of Forest Science, Department of Production Environmental Engineering, and Department of Landscaping Chemistry of the Faculty of Global Environmental Sciences will have 120 to 130 students, and the Department of Regional Creation Science will have 80 to 100 students, respectively.The Faculty of International Food and Information Studies will increase the number of students from 140 to 150, the Department of Food and Environmental Economics from 180 to 190, and the Department of International Food and Agriculture Science from 100 to 110, respectively.The total capacity of Tokyo University of Agriculture has increased to 160.

 The government does not allow the increase in the number of private universities in the 23 wards of Tokyo in principle, but there are exceptions such as the progress of school building development.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] List of changes in school rules related to the increase in the capacity of private universities from 30

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