On September 2017, 9, the British magazine "THE (Times Higher Education)" announced the 5th "THE World University Rankings" in 14.The top was the same Oxford University as last time, the highest in Japan was the University of Tokyo at 2018th, and last time it was 46th.

 "THE World University Rankings" calculates the scores of each university using 5 indicators in 13 fields such as educational ability, research ability, and internationality.It is characterized by emphasizing research, such as incorporating the ratio of the number of undergraduate graduates and faculty members to the number of doctoral degree holders, and research funding income as indicators, and increasing the evaluation weight of the number of dissertation citations.

 In the 2018 "THE World University Rankings", 1457 schools around the world are registered, 81 schools in 1102 countries (2017 schools in 980) are ranked, the top is Oxford University (UK), and the second place is Cambridge University (UK). ), Third place was California Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

 89 universities in Japan ranked in, and Kyoto University (2017st in 74) ranked 2017th and Osaka University (91-201th in 250) ranked 2017-251 from 300. It was only a school.There were 2 universities ranked for the first time, with many medical universities such as Fujita Health University, Hamamatsu Medical University, Nara Medical University, and Kitasato University, and universities with medical schools.This can be said to be a feature of the world ranking, where research ability is emphasized and the budget of the entire university is incorporated into the index.

<THE World University Ranking Best 10>
1st place Oxford University (1st place last time)
2nd place Cambridge University (4th place last time)
3rd place California Institute of Technology (2nd place last time)
3rd place Stanford University (3rd place last time)
5th Massachusetts Institute of Technology (5th last time)
6th place Harvard University (6th place last time)
7th place Brinston University (7th place last time)
8th place Imperial College London (8th place last time)
9th University of Chicago (10th last time)
10th Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (9th last time)
46th University of Tokyo (39th last time)

Reference: [Benesse Corporation] THE World University Ranking Announcement-The University of Tokyo is 39th → 46th, Kyoto University is 91st → 74th

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