Saitama Institute of Technology will hold the 2022 "Face-to-face / Online Open Lectures (5 times in total)" from June 2022, 6 (Saturday) as a plan to explain familiar topics to the general public in an easy-to-understand manner.No tuition fee.

 In this open course, a faculty member of Saitama Institute of Technology is in charge of a lecturer utilizing research and education in a specialized field. We offer courses on a wide range of fields, from science and weather and meteorological lectures by instructors with qualifications as weather forecasters.

 Until now, Saitama Institute of Technology has held "open lectures" for the general public, including the local city of Fukaya. In 2021, it was held only online due to the Korona-ka, but in 2022, it will be a "high flex type" extension course that combines "face-to-face" and "online" in response to requests from students.

 Students can choose between "face-to-face" and "online".The capacity is 150 people for "face-to-face" and 490 people for "online type" (first-come-first-served basis).The deadline will be reached as soon as the capacity is reached.Those who wish to participate must register within the application period from the application form on the Saitama Institute of Technology website.The contents of the extension course are as follows.

1. Quotations course of a well-known manager "Hints on how to live from the quotes of a well-known manager"
Lecturer: Professor Nobuyoshi Hayashi, Department of Information Sociology
Date and time: June 6th (Sat) 4: 10-00: 11 / Application period: May 00th (Wednesday) 5:25
Reference target age: All ages
How to respond to changes in the times, how to deal with failures and setbacks, what to do as a leader, the words that ooze from the experience of the founders of large global companies resonate with us. ..The words of such managers will be our guide in today's social environment, such as corona, natural disasters, and wars.

2. Introductory course on global warming "Climate change associated with global warming-causes and countermeasures-"
Lecturer: Professor Teruhisa Hongo, Department of Bio-Environmental Chemistry
Date and time: June 6th (Sat) 11: 10-00: 11 / Application period: May 00th (Wednesday) 6:1
Reference target age: 12 years old and over
The effects of climate change associated with global warming, such as heavy rains, droughts, and the heat wave, have been appearing all over the world in recent years.In the course, we will explain the mechanism of global warming and countermeasure technology in an easy-to-understand manner, and also explain the research on global warming countermeasures that Saitama Institute of Technology is working on with the latest data.

3. Functional fluid engineering course "Unexpectedly familiar magnetic fluid-from the birth of magnetic fluid to its application-"
Lecturer: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Assistant Professor Kazuya Okada
Date and time: June 6th (Sat) 11: 13-00: 14 / Application period: May 00th (Wednesday) 6:1
Reference target age: 18 years old and over
A magnetic fluid born in the 1960s when space development was active.Although it is a liquid, it moves in response to a magnetic field and retains various shapes.In the lecture, after briefly explaining ferrofluids, we will introduce examples of ferrofluids being applied to unexpectedly familiar parts.It also touches on research being conducted around the world and what kind of engineering fields are expected to be applied in the future.

4. Robotics course "Robots and AI"
Lecturer: Professor Tomomi Hashimoto, Department of Information Systems
Date and time: June 6th (Sat) 18: 10-00: 11 / Application period: May 30th (Wednesday) 6:8
Reference target age: 20 years old and over
In the course, we will introduce and explain the history and outline of AI and the current situation and issues of robots that interact with humans.Currently, there is a third AI boom centered on deep learning and machine learning.So-called AI generally refers to software, so a robot is required to physically interact with the outside world.The course will introduce robot ethics, which will be important in the future.

5. Weather and Meteorological Lecture "Weather Learn with Weather Forecasters"
Lecturer: Toshinori Takahashi, Lecturer, Basic Education Center
Date and time: June 6th (Sat) 25: 10-00: 11 / Application period: May 00th (Wednesday) 6:15
Reference target age: All ages
Learn about the familiar weather.We will explain the weather, in which the heat coming from the sun causes various phenomena on the ground and has a great impact on daily life.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Open Lecture 2022 

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