The cholesterol-lowering drug "statin" developed by Akira Endo, a special honorary professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, was selected by the National Museum of Nature and Science as an important science and technology history document (nicknamed "Future Technology Heritage") in 2015.The registration certificate awarding ceremony is held at the Japan Pavilion of the National Science Museum in Taito-ku, Tokyo, and is displayed on a panel in the 10st floor hall of the Japan Pavilion until October 4.

Statins are a general term for drugs that block the action of enzymes that synthesize cholesterol and have a strong cholesterol-lowering effect.Mevastatin was first found in statins, and was discovered in 1973 by Professor Endo in a culture solution of Penicillium when he was a researcher at a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, Sankyo (now Daiichi Sankyo).Since then, various types of statins have been discovered and are being used in various countries as a treatment for cholesterolemia.Statins have also been shown to reduce the risk of developing myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accidents in hyperlipidemic patients.

In the future technology heritage, the same mevastatin tablet that was used for the first time in Japan to treat patients at Osaka University, Professor Endo's monthly report recorded when a new drug was discovered, and an assistant's lab notebook were registered.It was highly praised for being one of the best medicines in the world and for being valuable as a material showing the uniqueness of Japan's science and technology development from an international perspective.

In addition to statins, Sony's entertainment robot AIBO and Fujifilm's world's first high-sensitivity color negative film, Daiichi Sankyo's Japan's first digestive enzyme, Takadiastase, and Yanmar's gas turbine are among the future technological heritage of 2015. 24 cases have been selected.

Source:[Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology] "Statin" by Akira Endo, a special honorary professor, has been selected as a "future technology heritage".

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