At the "Joban Festival (school festival)" to be held on November 2017, 11, Jissen Women's University will hold a "Nakayoshi Cafe" where Mr. S (11 years old), who has a delay in development, stands in the store as a cafe clerk.This is "Development of support method assessment and collaborative activity assessment for children with developmental disabilities by making diluted beverages (Calpis ® making)" led by Professor Tsutomu Nagasaki of the Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences. It will be conducted as part of the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C).

 Through Calpis® making, this activity to promote important communication development for children, such as "make for yourself", "make for someone", and "adjust the intensity according to the taste of the other person", will be carried out in 2015 by Calpis. It started as a joint research with a corporation.

 Professor Nagasaki's laboratory has been supporting Mr. S's development as part of his seminar activities since 2015.Twice a month, in the playroom on the Hino campus, we provide developmental support in terms of language, cognition, exercise, etc., as well as counseling parents and sharing information with nursery schools to maximize S's ability. We are working on comprehensive development support to make it work.Among them, Mr. S has been continuously working on making Calpis ® in order to promote communication development in addition to circuit training, language instruction through games and play.

 As part of these activities, on the day of the Joban Festival, 17 Nagasaki seminar students will open a "Nakayoshi Cafe" where the first 500 students will be served Calpis® for free while introducing their efforts so far.At this "Nakayoshi Cafe", Mr. S will become a cafe clerk for about 40 minutes and challenge to create and provide Calpis® to customers.

 When Mr. S makes Calpis® at the Joban Festival, he wants to maximize the power of Mr. S himself in a different environment for the students of Nagasaki Seminar, and a school festival visited by many local residents. There is a strong desire for many people to know the existence of Mr. S and naturally accept him as a human being.

<Nakayoshi Cafe>
日時:11月11日(土) 10:00~15:00(S君は13:00~13:40に店頭に立つ予定)
Venue: Jissen Women's University Hino Campus 1st Floor Student Lounge

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