Senzoku Gakuen College of Music will establish a new "Voice Actor Anime Song Course" in 2016.This is the first time that a full-scale anime song course has been set up at a music university.Prior to the opening of the new course, the pre-event "Voice Actor Anime Song" Autumn Team "" will be held at the Omizoguchi Campus from September 2015st to 9rd, 21.

 The newly established "Voice Actor Anime Song Course" aims to train human resources who can play an active role as voice actor anime song artists in Japan's unique pop culture scene such as games and anime, which are now representative of Cool Japan. It will be opened.In the curriculum, in the first year, you will learn the basics of voice expression such as vocalization and pronunciation, and the know-how and knowledge of studio recording. From the second year onward, there will be "voice table reality training" such as musicals and anime song live performances with animation as the theme, and "AS ensemble training" for event production that creates events from scratch, including management. I will.In addition, in elective courses, "Anime Song Comprehensive Exercise" to improve singing ability while interpreting anime stories and roles, "AS Content Production Exercise" for creator-oriented students, etc. to learn vocaloid voice synthesis technology, etc. A variety of classes are available.

The leaders are professionals who are active on the front lines of the industry, such as Kentaro Hayami who was active as the brother of the 8th generation song of NHK "Okasan to Issho" and Takaki Nakao who is the role of Baikinman of "Soreike! Anpanman". In addition, it is fully equipped with a full range of facilities such as a professional recording studio and a dubbing studio.

At the pre-event that will be held for 2015 days from September 9, 21, various events such as a talk show by the instructors, a voice actor studio experience at the newly completed dubbing studio, and "High school student anime song throat pride" will be held. Will beAdmission is free.

Source:[Senzoku Gakuen College of Music] Voice actor Anison Autumn Team


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