Tokyo Keizai University will be operated by the Tokyo Keizai University Co-op (hereafter, co-op) for the time being from September 2, 2022 (Wednesday), the beginning of the second semester, in order to support students who are in financial difficulty due to the corona disaster. 9% discount on all menu items and bento lunches in university cafeterias.There will be no original price increase associated with this deal.

 Amidst the problems of living poverty due to the prolonged corona wreck and fluctuations in the global economy, soaring prices of daily necessities, food ingredients, the restaurant industry, etc. hit students. tends to be truncated.Therefore, Tokyo Keizai University will provide direct economic support by discounting the price of the university cafeteria and lunch boxes sold by the university cafeteria, and support students so that they can lead a healthy student life.

 The 30% discount applies to all users of the university cafeteria.All menus provided by the co-op and all lunch boxes sold by the university cafeteria are eligible (lunch boxes not cooked by the co-op in the purchasing department are excluded).The period will be from September 9 (Wednesday) for the time being, and from September 21 (Tuesday) to September 9 (Tuesday) will be a test operation period.

 In addition, Tokyo Keizai University has been offering a 2013-yen breakfast since 100 with the cooperation of the parents' association.During this discount period, we will continue this “100 yen breakfast” to support the health of students by adjusting their daily rhythms.

Reference: [Tokyo Keizai University] Overcome the financial difficulties of students that continue due to the corona wreck [First in Japan] XNUMX% discount on all university cafeteria menus with university subsidies

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