A research group led by Professor Koji Murofushi, Professor Kazuyoshi Yanagishita of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and Professor Tsuneharu Kanaoka of Waseda University found that when Professor Murofushi's "hammerovics exercise" is performed, the isometric movement of a normal posture is maintained. It was found that the activities of the leg and trunk muscles were increased more than the sexual squat.

 Hammerobix exercise is a squat exercise that uses a barbell with competition hammers attached to both ends and performs a pendulum movement of the hammers in the forward and backward direction. It was developed by Professor Murofushi when he was a hammer thrower, believing that ``a simple squat exercise using a barbell in a stable state is not enough''. I didn't.

 Therefore, the purpose of this study was to elucidate the activities of the leg and trunk muscles during hammerrobic exercise. In 12 healthy male subjects, myoelectric potential data were measured during isometric squats and hammerrobics exercises while maintaining a normal posture, and the amount of muscle activity was calculated.

 As a result, compared with isometric squat exercise, the activities of the abductor hallucis, tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, peroneus longus, and semitendinosus muscles were significantly higher in the lower extremity muscles, and the trunk It was found that the activity of the multifidus muscle also increased significantly.It is a new discovery that the muscles of the foot are working even if the foot is not consciously moved in hammerrobics exercise, which requires rhythm and timing by incorporating the unstable element of pendulum movement back and forth.In addition, since the activity of the multifidus muscle, which is important for the prevention of low back pain, also increases, it could be used as a program to prevent the onset of low back pain.

 This result is expected to be useful for the construction of training programs aimed at preventing injuries and improving performance of athletes. It also has the potential to be applied to the health promotion and rehabilitation of people.

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] Differences in trunk and lower extremity muscle activity during squatting exercise with and without hammer swing

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