NEC and Tohoku University Hospital will start a demonstration experiment in October in which AI (artificial intelligence) analyzes data acquired by cameras and other devices, extracts work issues, and presents improvement measures, in order to reform the way doctors work. NEC aims to commercialize the technology after verifying the experimental results.

 According to NEC, the verification test will be conducted with doctors from the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at Tohoku University Hospital.AI grasps the details of the doctor's activities such as medical examinations and the time spent on work from images taken by cameras installed along the doctor's flow line and information acquired by wearable devices, and the doctor's stress level from information such as brain waves and sweating. to parse

 In addition, based on the analysis results of information obtained by visualizing activity details and stress levels, issues that hinder work efficiency and sustainability are extracted, and methods for improving the issues are presented.

 In the work style reform for doctors, the annual overtime limit for doctors will be set at 2024 hours in principle from April 4. Efficiency is required.

 Based on the results of the experiment, NEC intends to establish a model for analyzing factors that improve doctors' work, verify the improvement effect, and put it into practical use.

reference:[NEC Corporation] NEC and Tohoku University Hospital use AI technology to start demonstration experiment for "work style reform of doctors"

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