From April 2023, Tottori University will establish a new educational program, the “Biomedical Engineering Program,” in the departments of mechanical physics, electrical information, and chemistry and biotechnology in the Faculty of Engineering.Hiroki Sakaguchi, Dean of Engineering, and Hiroshige Nakamura, Dean of Medicine, made the announcement at a press conference.

 According to Tottori University, the catchphrase for the medical engineering program is "engineers raised in hospitals."In response to the rapid development of highly advanced medical care, the aim is to train engineers and researchers who are familiar with both engineering and medicine and who can develop advanced medical devices, medical materials, and biopharmaceuticals. In addition to the basic knowledge and specialized knowledge in the engineering field provided by the department, students also learn the knowledge in the medical field provided by the Faculty of Medicine.

 There are 3 students in each of the 7 departments. Students from the three departments are assigned to the program in their second year, participate in a medical-engineering integration practice project implemented by the Faculty of Medicine in their third year, and are assigned to a laboratory in their fourth year.Depending on the matching, the laboratory may become a medical school.No changes are planned to the university entrance examination method.

 Medical engineering is also called medical engineering, biomedical engineering, biomedical engineering, etc. Among the national universities in the Chugoku region, Okayama University has the Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Yamaguchi University has the Graduate School of Creative Science, and Hiroshima University has the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. , Shimane University is now studying at the integrated science and engineering graduate school and graduate school, and Tottori University will be the first to set up within the engineering department.Expanding the area to the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, Tokushima University has established it in the Faculty of Science and Technology.

reference:[Tottori University] The first national university in the Chugoku region to establish a medical engineering program in the Faculty of Engineering.

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