On November 2022, 11 (Saturday), Tokyo Keizai University Graduate School will hold a research report meeting for senior graduate students from all over the country at Tokyo Keizai University Kokubunji Campus.This is the first research report session in Japan for senior graduate students only, and audience participants are being recruited on the official website.

 According to Tokyo Keizai University, the research report meeting will begin with a commemorative lecture by Chizuko Ueno, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, titled "To keep learning for the rest of your life."

 In 2006, Tokyo Keizai University introduced a senior graduate school system for the first time in Japan to accept people who want to study at graduate school after gaining experience as a working adult.So far, about 50 students have completed the course, and some of them have gone on to remarkable success.Currently, about 20 senior graduate students are working on their doctoral and master's theses.

 Similar systems have spread to universities nationwide, and although the number of senior graduate students has increased, there have not been many places where senior graduate students can interact with each other.This year's research report meeting was designed to provide senior graduate students with opportunities for research exchanges that transcend the framework of graduate school, in order to further heighten their motivation for research.

 The National Senior Graduate Student Research Conference will be held at 2:301 on Saturday, November 11th at Room B19, Building 10, Kokubunji Campus, Tokyo Keizai University.It will be held until 00:17 with lunch.Participation is free of charge, and up to 00 people can apply from the official website until Friday, November 100th.

reference:[Tokyo Keizai University] [Call for participants] National Senior Graduate Student Research Conference

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