A research group at Toyama University and Saga University identified periostin as the causative substance that causes itching in atopic dermatitis, and clarified that a periostin inhibitor is an effective antipruritic agent.

 Atopic dermatitis is treated with topical steroids, topical immunosuppressants, and molecular-targeted drugs. There is a desire for the development of therapeutic agents for

 Researchers in this group have successfully developed a mouse model of atopic dermatitis (FADS mouse) that exhibits intense itching, and have explored the involvement of periostin in atopic dermatitis.This time, we found that periostin is overproduced in the skin tissue of FADS mice, and that inflammation and itching are significantly suppressed in FADS mice lacking the periostin gene compared to FADS mice with periostin. rice field.In addition, when a periostin inhibitor (CP4715) was administered to FADS mice, inflammation and itching were significantly reduced as in periostin-deficient FADS mice.

 As a mechanism for this, periostin produced in subcutaneous cells of atopic dermatitis promotes inflammatory response through NF-κB activation of keratinocytes and enhances itching due to activation of subcutaneous sensory nerves. The drug (CP4715) has been shown to suppress skin inflammation and itching by acting on the periostin receptor αvβ3.

 In the future, by promoting the development of a periostin inhibitor (CP4715) as a treatment for atopic dermatitis, it is expected to bring good news to patients suffering from itching.

Paper information:[Cell Reports] Periostin activates distinct modules of inflammation and itching downstream of the type 2 inflammation pathway

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