On May 2018, 5, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University (Machida City, Tokyo) signed an educational cooperation agreement with two schools, Yokoyama Daiichi Elementary School in Hachioji City and Yokoyama Daiichi Elementary School in Hachioji City.It is rare for a university to conclude an individual agreement with a public elementary or junior high school in Japan, and the purpose of this agreement is to promote the continuity of academic ability development for children, students, and students, and to raise awareness of career development.

 Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University has already signed high school education cooperation agreements with 11 high schools, (XNUMX) exchange and cooperation between high schools and universities centered on education, (XNUMX) school selection and career selection for students and students. We have made various and continuous efforts such as activities that contribute to the education of Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University and cooperation with local high schools centered on Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University.

 On the other hand, although this is the first attempt to collaborate with elementary and junior high schools, at Yokoyama Daiichi Elementary School in Hachioji City, international students from Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University still hold school visits and classes on food.For Hachioji Municipal Kunugida Junior High School, we have provided home economics lesson support 42 times, participated in "life lessons" volunteers, and introduced home economics teachers to replace maternity leave.

 In the future, by expanding such activities, we will cooperate as a local educational institution and develop vibrant learning for children, students, and students through exchanges.Furthermore, by deepening the understanding of university learning and life from the stage of compulsory education, it is possible to clarify "why to learn", "why to go to university", and "what kind of profession to choose", and to select a school. He also wants to prevent mismatches.

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