Keisen Jogakuen University concludes an inter-university and inter-institute agreement with Ewha Womans University in South Korea. On October 2018, 10, a press conference will be held by President Masami Ohinata of Keisen University and President Kim Keishu of Ewha Womans University.

 Keisen University and Ewha Womans University in South Korea are engaged in educational activities by drawing a new image of female leadership in the age of active female participation.Until now, Keisen Jogakuen University has continuously invited professors from Ewha Womans University to hold a Japan-Korea international symposium to raise issues and the possibility of "the role of women's lifelong employment and girls' higher education". I have made a presentation.In such an exchange, Ewha Womans University raised the understanding and interest in the educational program of Keisen Jogakuen University, and decided to conclude an agreement including this academic exchange.

 At the press conference to conclude the agreement scheduled to be held on October 2018, 10, President Ohinata of Keisen University and President Kim of Ewha Womans University will discuss the significance of concluding the agreement and the East Asian women's education program through collaboration between the two universities. Talk about the possibilities and prospects of.A commemorative symposium will also be held on the same day.President Ohinata and President Kim discuss the theme of "What is the new leadership in the age of women's advancement?"In the future, both universities will solidify the foundation of women's leadership education and research programs, centering on the ideal way of women's advancement in East Asia.

Reference: [Keisen Jogakuen University] Keisen Jogakuen University signed an agreement with Ewha Womans University in South Korea on October 10, and held a press conference.

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