The specialization promotion platform (Private University PF) for private universities in the suburbs of Kanazawa, where Kanazawa Institute of Technology serves as the managing school, will start a relay lecture on the "Ishikawa Central Metropolitan Area Vision" set by Kanazawa City from 2023 (10 times in total). is being implemented.The fourth lecture will be held on August 4 (Monday) with the theme of "disaster prevention based on mechanisms."Participation fee is free, hybrid event with online.

 The Platform for Promoting Specialization of Private Universities near Kanazawa City (Private Universities PF) is an organization in which local governments and industries participate in 13 private universities, junior colleges, and technical colleges that form the academic capital of Kanazawa.Industry, academia, and government are collaborating to develop various projects with the aim of "high-quality education," "the best livability in Japan," and "revitalization of the region and industry."

 A relay lecture was also held as part of this, and this time, the 4th time, on Monday, August 8, Professor Shinichi Miyazato of the Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology will hold a lecture on "disaster prevention based on mechanisms". .In addition to explaining the mechanism that causes disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, unraveling the history of disaster prevention technology that has been improved in light of numerous earthquakes, and introducing Japan's disaster prevention and reconstruction that are desired by the world, strawberry packs You can also see the state of the liquefaction phenomenon experiment usingFor elementary school students and junior high school students, it is also useful as a free study during summer vacation.

<Relay Lecture 4th “Disaster Prevention Based on Mechanisms”>
Date: Monday, August 2023, 8, 21:13-00:14
Venue: Ishikawa Prefectural Government Commemorative Shiinoki Guest House/Online (simultaneously held)
Target: Elementary school students (upper grades), junior high school students, high school students, and the general public
Admission: Free
Capacity: Face-to-face 20 people / Online 300 people (reception will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached)
Lecturer: Professor Shinichi Miyazato, Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Director of Regional Research Institute for Disaster Prevention and Environmental Science, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Application: Apply from the dedicated form by August 8 (Monday)

Reference: [Kanazawa Institute of Technology] [It can also be a free research during summer vacation! ! 】 Demonstration of liquefaction phenomenon experiment using strawberry pack. “Disaster Prevention Based on Mechanisms” Free Course

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