Associate Professor Hiroki Nagai of Kogakuin University's Department of Applied Physics is developing a transparent film heater with high transmittance and low refractive index using the molecular precursor method, which enables film formation at low cost and low energy.The latest results will be released at the “University Trade Fair 2023 – Innovation Japan” to be held from August 8, 24.

 This research result is based on the application of a conductive film that has the same level of transparency as glass announced in 2021.This film is formed by a molecular precursor method that enables film formation at low cost and low energy, and exhibits high film uniformity in addition to high transparency and low refractive index.Therefore, light interference is low and visibility is high.In addition, since the material is glass, it exhibits high surface hardness (9H or more).

 Security camera lenses used in cold environments require countermeasures against condensation and snow accumulation in order to ensure a clear field of view. High transmittance and low refractive index make it ideal for applications in optical equipment.It can also be used for road signs and traffic lights, and can be expected to maintain high visibility by alleviating fogging, condensation, and freezing.We are currently looking for a company that can cooperate with social implementation.

 At the "University Trade Fair 2023", we will exhibit the actual product and explain in detail the principle and characteristics of the molecular precursor method, the flow up to the formation of the transparent film heater, and its heat generation characteristics.

■ "University Trade Fair 2023 - Innovation Japan" (sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Public release period: August 2023th (Thursday), August 8th (Friday), 24
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight South Hall 1
Exhibits: University trade fairs, university seed exhibitions in the field of “infrastructure, safety, and social infrastructure”
"Low refractive index transparent film heater formed by low temperature heat treatment" (booth number S-19)

Reference: [Kogakuin University] Transparent, low-refractive-index film heater, released at University Trade Fair 8 from 24/2023

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