Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (President, Shunichi Miyanaga, Tokyo) has launched the "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Matching Research Public Recruitment" system, which engages in joint research with public research institutes, universities, colleges of technology, etc., and has begun recruiting.As part of measures to strengthen the technological foundation through open innovation that actively collaborates with outside parties in R & D activities, we aim to discover the technologies and human resources necessary for R & D and new business creation through the expansion of the R & D network.

According to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the public offering is for researchers or representatives of research teams belonging to research institutes such as national governments, local governments and public interest groups, universities, and technical colleges.The purpose and needs of the activity are announced on the website of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and research themes are solicited from the subjects.After document screening and on-site screening, we will narrow down the projects and decide on joint and commissioned research themes.
The first target themes are 1 fields such as "highly durable water repellent and hydrophilic coating", "high strength and lightweight composite material", and "extending the life of the sliding surface". We plan to decide on a theme during FY16 and start research from FY2015.

This system was established in line with the open innovation expansion strategy mentioned as a measure to strengthen the technological foundation in the medium-term management plan "2015 Business Plan" that spans three years from FY3.In addition to joint research and enhancement of overseas bases, we aim to improve the efficiency of research and development and business development, and to create new technologies by engaging in open innovation.
* Open innovation The idea is to utilize external development capabilities and ideas from other companies, universities, research institutes, etc. to create innovative business models, research results, and product development.The opposite of closed innovation that encloses researchers within the company.

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