Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) will open a new campus in Kyoto City in January 2025. In promoting expansion in the Kansai area, we received the cooperation of Seibou Jogakuin Educational Corporation. Seibo Jogakuin operates multiple schools in Kyoto and Osaka, from nursery schools and kindergartens to high schools, and has a history of over 1 years. TUJ, together with Seibo Girls' School, will promote international education, serve as a bridge between cultures, and work to develop human resources who can succeed in an interconnected world.

 TUJ Kyoto will focus on liberal arts education and will open on the Fujimori Campus of Seibo Girls' School, a 12-minute walk from Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. The opening of this new campus will expand the opportunity for TUJ students to receive a global education in Kyoto in addition to Tokyo. New students can start their university life from this Kyoto campus. In addition, current students from approximately 70 countries at the Tokyo campus and short-term international students who come to Japan from four-year universities in the United States, including Temple University's main campus, and spend one or two semesters in Japan, can study at the Kyoto campus.

 The opening of the new campus in Kyoto will greatly improve TUJ's visibility in the Kansai region through synergies with Seibō Jogakuin, and will provide an opportunity to increase the number of TUJ-educated students in the Kansai region, thereby increasing Temple University's reputation in the international education world. This will lead to increasing your presence. Temple University students will now have more options, including Kyoto in addition to Philadelphia (our main campus) and overseas campuses of Rome and Tokyo.

 Furthermore, they plan to provide English education programs to local elementary, junior high, and high schools through strengthening their cooperative relationship with Seibou Girls' School. TUJ's Academic English Program (AEP) is highly acclaimed for providing effective English education for elementary through high school students, with 2023 students expected to participate in the English program in summer 1,000 alone. exceeded. In Kyoto as well, we will support the promotion of international education and English education for children and students at Seibou Girls' School and nearby areas.

 TUJ President Matthew Wilson said, "More than 40 years after our founding on the Tokyo campus, TUJ has decided to take the next leap forward by expanding to Kyoto. Over the past three years, TUJ's undergraduate student population has increased. Demand for the advanced education we provide is growing, and we are pleased to be able to expand our presence in Western Japan in response to this demand. Kyoto is a capital of culture, history and the arts. By setting up a base in a city like Tokyo, students will be able to simultaneously learn new ideas and historical traditions both inside and outside of the classroom.We will have opportunities to study in Tokyo, Kyoto, and overseas (Philadelphia and Rome). I think this is extremely valuable for students."

Reference: [Temple University] Temple University Japan Campus will open a new campus in Kyoto from January 2025

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