Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has reviewed its Continuing Education Program and renewed its Professional Training Certificate Course.

 Since its establishment in 1996, TUJ's Continuing Education Program has responded to the lifelong learning and career development needs of many people and supported them in acquiring internationally recognized skills.

 Building on TUJ's consistent commitment to supporting career success and personal development, this enhancement of the continuing education program aims to maximize the potential of learners in an increasingly competitive world.The new certificate courses will be offered in six specialized areas: (6) Languages, (XNUMX) Global Business Management, (XNUMX) Legal Affairs, (XNUMX) Interpretation/Translation, (XNUMX) Project Management, and (XNUMX) Teaching English for Japanese.

 TUJ's new Director of Continuing Education and Corporate Education Programs, Paul Cates, said, "This time around, we've made some bold changes. These specialized courses are geared towards the personal and professional development of people living in today's world. It opens up endless opportunities,” he said.

 TUJ Dean Matthew Wilson added, “Learning is the key to developing sharp minds, deeper knowledge, and new experiences. We are very pleased to offer this program in the international environment of our campus, which is in the top 350 group (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023)." .

<Each specialty of the certificate course>
There are Intermediate English, Upper Intermediate English, and Advanced English courses, and the courses are aimed at improving English proficiency and communication skills.

② Global business management
This course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to play an active role in the dynamic international business world through specialized study of financial accounting, general business management, human resources, and marketing communications.

③ Legal matters
In this course, students acquire specialized knowledge in litigation, contract law, intellectual property, legal research, etc., with the aim of acquiring in-depth knowledge of US law, Japanese law, and paralegal.There are also elective courses such as international law, immigration law and family law.

A new certificate course was established in response to the growing need to acquire practical interpreting and translation skills as the world becomes more interconnected and multicultural.The aim is to provide the necessary language skills to those who aim for a career as an interpreter/translator.

⑤ Project management
A certificate course was newly established to meet the demands of diverse professionals.The purpose is to learn important topics such as agile project management, resource management, and stakeholder engagement, and to enhance learners' leadership skills.There are elective subjects such as risk management and team building, and it is possible to customize the learning content.

⑥ English teaching method for Japanese learners
It covers essential topics such as effective language teaching, lesson planning and understanding cultural nuances, with electives to customize your learning.This certificate of completion proves that you have completed the necessary studies to become an English teacher with a solid understanding of English teaching methods.

Reference: [Temple University, Japan Campus] Strengthening Continuing Education Programs and Announced New Lineup of Professional Training Certificate Courses

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