Osaka University has published a promotional booklet called ``Will'' that conveys the appeal of the university to female junior high and high school students. The content is a message of encouragement from female students to junior high and high school students, and introduces things that female junior high and high school students would like to know, such as interviews with female students by grade, conversations with female students studying science, and messages from alumni.

 According to Osaka University, the content includes interviews with female students enrolled in various faculties and graduate schools, from first-year undergraduate students to second-year graduate students, to talk about their student lives, as well as interviews that explore the true feelings of female science students, and online and long-term interviews. There is a lot of content such as studying abroad before studying abroad and introducing clubs where female students are active.

 According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the percentage of female students in STEM fields, which consist of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is the lowest in member countries at just 32%, compared to an average of 17% in member countries. At Osaka University, the percentage of female students in science and engineering fields has fallen below 30%, continuing to slump.

 A large number of female students participate in Open Campus, an event for high school students, every year, but the current situation is that most of them do not apply. At Osaka University, unconscious bias called "unconscious bias" is imprinted into your brain and becomes a fixed idea, causing you to change your career path even though you are interested in science and engineering. We decided to publish a pamphlet.

reference:[Osaka University Diversity & Inclusion Center] Public relations booklet “will” for female junior high and high school students has been published

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