The Education Innovation Council (Masahiro Sato, President / Professor, Graduate School of Digital Hollywood University), which promotes "EdTech = Education + Technology" in Japan and overseas, has established the "Don't Stop Manabi! Project". ..In preparation for prolonged school closures (general public education), in order for learners to continue their daily learning with peace of mind, we will collaborate with schools, private businesses / organizations, homes, local governments, etc. to implement digital technology. Create a place for learning that utilizes it.

 The "Don't Stop Manabi! Project" provides industry-academia-government-private partnerships to support an environment where anyone can learn anytime, anywhere, using EdTech in preparation for prolonged school closures, class closures, etc. (de facto suspension of educational activities). attempt.For local governments, schools, and parents who are in trouble due to long-term closure, we will create a cooperative relationship between a wide range of educational private organizations, companies, private schools, and individuals, and provide information dissemination and demonstration projects (service provision). We will proceed in cooperation with the government and local governments.

 As a first step, in collaboration with the "Future Classroom *" of the Education and Industry Office of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we started the "Future Classroom that does not stop learning." The "Future Classroom That Doesn't Stop Learning" site introduces video content from various Japanese EdTech operators that are provided free of charge for a limited time, such as the AI ​​English conversation app "TerraTalk" and Gakken's "Home Learning Support Site".We provide learning opportunities to as many students as possible.

 In the future, in the project, in addition to disseminating useful information with each company through the YouTube channel "Don't stop learning! Project", we will try a demonstration project in cooperation with private companies in each area, school, and classroom. We will carry out by mistake. From the beginning of March, the first "Message from the founder Masahiro Sato (tentative name)" and the second "Proposal for online lessons using Zoom (tentative name)" will be delivered.

 In addition, a logo mark was created to promote the "Don't Stop Manabi! Project".This logo mark can be used free of charge by anyone who agrees with the project philosophy.If you want to use it, apply from the application form.

* "Future Classroom -learning innovation-" is a portal site operated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to widely disseminate information on the latest trends in EdTech in Japan and around the world that can be used in schools, cram schools, and individual learning.

Reference: [Educational Innovation Council] An environment where anyone can learn anytime, anywhere, "Don't stop Manabi! Project" A place for learning using digital technology! (PDF)

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