The research group of Professor Miyuki Kamoike, Department of Information Design, Faculty of Informatics, Kogakuin University (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) conducted joint research with Pola Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) to discuss "impressions of youthful appearance". Announced research results.For the first time in the world, a large-scale study was conducted to clarify what facial features are used to determine the age of the other person's appearance in real life.

 As a result of the research, new facts different from the well-known "aging signs" such as wrinkles and sagging were found. Two points were clarified: "The age of appearance changes depending on the orientation of the face and the movement of the skin on the face" and "The cheeks are especially important when determining the age of appearance".

 First, we conducted research on the orientation of the face and the movement of the skin.In previous age impression experiments, still images such as a straight face from the front and photographic images have been used, but in actual communication, the other person's face is viewed from various angles.Therefore, in addition to the subject's "front face", he showed images of his face from six directions such as "downward", "sideways", and "diagonal", and asked the observer about his impression. When asked about the impression of the face in each direction based on the "front face", the faces of the subjects "seen from below", "seen from diagonally below", "seen from the side", and "seen from diagonally above" were It became clear that he looked particularly young.
Also, when the image of the same subject was shown as a video and a still image, it turned out that the video was seen older than the 40s.This is thought to be due to the movement of the skin when making facial expressions.

 Next, when determining the apparent age, gaze analysis is performed on where the observer is looking at the face.It turned out that the most concentrated part was the "eyes", but the next most focused part was the "cheeks".

 This research received the "Best Presentation Award" at the 2015th Japan Cosmetic Engineers Association (SCCJ) Research Discussion Meeting held on November 11, 27.The results obtained will be useful for cosmetics development in the future.

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