Keio University announced that it will start a program "GIC" (Global Interdisciplinary Courses) to give a certificate of completion to students who have taken a certain number of credits in English (or other foreign languages) from April 2016. bottom. "GIC" is available to all undergraduate students of Keio University.

 The organization "GIC Center", which was established in November 2014 as part of the Top Global University Project, provides complex knowledge and methodologies for important issues that arise in various fields such as politics, economics, medical care, environment, and natural sciences. We aim to develop international and interdisciplinary human resources who can make full use of solutions and at the same time actively disseminate the results of Japanese history and culture, as well as advanced science and technology, to the world. "GIC" is a program that provides effective learning opportunities for students who are motivated to achieve this in a foreign language such as English.

 GIC courses include basic courses "core courses" offered at Hiyoshi Campus and Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC), and specialized courses "research courses" offered at specialized courses of each faculty and international centers. .. In fiscal 2016, we plan to offer about 300 classes in total, of which about 80 will be new courses unique to the GIC Center.Some classes can be taken without moving by connecting the Hiyoshi Campus and Shonan Fujisawa Campus with a remote device.The certificate will be given to students who have completed 40 credits or more in core and research courses by the time they graduate.In the future, we are thinking of shooting and editing lessons and providing them to all undergraduate students and students of integrated education schools (high school) through the Internet.

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