EF Education First Japan Co., Ltd. (EF), one of the world's largest private educational institutions that develops study abroad and language education businesses, uses the questionnaire function of twitter to conduct a survey on gap years from graduation to admission. We conducted the survey and announced the results of the survey.

 "Gap year" is a term that means the "gap period" from graduation to admission, promotion, or joining the company.Western countries recommend using this gap year to engage in social learning that cannot be learned at school, and students tend to study abroad, work holidays, and internships.

 In this survey, we investigated the awareness and understanding of gap years in Japan, and the expected effects that can be obtained when gap years permeate, among users who follow the EF official twitter account.As a result of the survey, only 20% answered that they had heard the word gap year, and 14% answered that they could explain the gap year, and the recognition and understanding of the gap year is extremely low in Japan. It became clear.Also, if the period from graduation to admission (advancement, joining) is 5 months, when we investigated what we would like to do, 71% of the respondents answered "I want to study abroad", and the gap year It was also found that the number of students studying abroad can be expected to increase as a penetration effect.

 EF has a policy of conducting various educational activities with the aim of understanding and spreading gap years in Japan, such as distributing various information about gap years in Western countries.

reference:EF Education First Japan Co., Ltd.

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