A group of instructors Naoyuki Takeuchi of the Department of Rehabilitation for Physically Handicapped at Tohoku University Hospital reported that while walking on a smartphone, left and right brain activities are separately involved in smartphone operation and attention to walking.

 With the rapid spread of smartphones, accidents caused by walking smartphones have become a social problem, but the relationship between walking smartphones and brain activity and the effects of brain activity on the movement of walking smartphones have not been clarified. bottom.For this reason, the group investigated the brain activity of the frontal region in a walking smartphone using an "optical topography device" that evaluates brain activity with faint light, and investigated the relationship between smartphone operation and walking.

 Targeting young healthy people and elderly and healthy people, as a result of having them perform a touch game in which numbers are pressed in order on a smartphone while walking, both young and elderly people walk and the frontal region is activated during smartphones. There was a trend.However, in young people, the more the left frontal region is activated, the better the smartphone operation during walking can be performed, and while walking smartphones can ensure safe walking, in the elderly, the frontal region is activated. However, the younger people are, the more difficult it is to operate their smartphones, and the difference is that they cannot walk safely.

 This research is an epoch-making one that clarified the relationship between walking smartphone and brain activity for the first time.It is expected to contribute not only to the development of fall prevention equipment during walking smartphones, but also to the development of rehabilitation training methods for the elderly that apply the mechanism that activates the brain during walking smartphones.

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