The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture will hold the "National Land Policy Forum in Joetsu" at the Joetsu University of Education Auditorium in Joetsu City to think about regional revitalization through collaboration between diverse regional resources and universities. We exchanged opinions on how to proceed with life.

 About 300 people from local governments and town planning in Niigata Prefecture attended, and after a speech by Deputy Director General Masayuki Kitamoto of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Masaharu Sasamoto, Director of the Regional Strategy Center of Shinshu University, said, "A university that walks with the community-Shinshu University. I gave a keynote speech entitled "A Case Study".

Next, with Director Sasamoto as the coordinator, Masahiko Ishino, Director of Educational Practice Research Center, Joetsu University of Education, Bunpei Nakade, Vice President of Nagaoka University of Technology, Gentaro Suzumura, Associate Professor, Faculty of International Food and Information Studies, Tokyo Agricultural University, Design of Hosei University Professor Mari Watanabe of the Faculty of Engineering, Hideyuki Murayama, Mayor of Joetsu, and Deputy Director Kitamoto of the Ministry of International Agiru will hold a panel discussion entitled "Human Resource Development and Regional Creation through Cooperation between" Earth "and" Knowledge "" We actively discussed how to connect to regional human resource development and regional revitalization.

Joetsu City has a natural environment blessed with the sea and mountains, and has a history and culture as a castle town, but its population has been declining gradually since its peak in the 1970s. Following the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen through the city in March 2015, we are promoting regional development utilizing the Shinkansen, and we plan a forum to think about how to utilize diverse resources and link it to regional development. Did.

Tokyo University of Agriculture

Fostering "zest for life" based on "practicalism" learned from best teachers

Tokyo University of Agriculture is one of the largest comprehensive biological universities in Japan with 3 faculties and 6 departments on 23 campuses and approximately 1 students. Since its establishment in 3000, we have cultivated human resources who can contribute to society based on the "practical principle" that is the philosophy of education and research.In response to the demands of the times, life, food, health, environment, resources, regions, global […]

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Shinshu University

Fostering human resources with abundant human and practical skills in local and global societies

Shinshu University is a wide-area campus-type general university with five campuses in Nagano Prefecture.It consists of eight faculties: humanities, pedagogy, economics, science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, and textiles, and conducts education and research to acquire a wide range of education and basic abilities.Utilizing common education across faculties and the regional characteristics of Shinshu, which is rich in nature […]

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Cultivate human resources who value students, make the most of their individuality, and become the driving force of Japanese education

Joetsu University of Education is a national university that trains excellent educators supported by a sense of mission as an educator and love for humanity, and in-service teachers acquire advanced abilities as an educational profession.As an educational and training institution for teachers who are mentally rich and well-balanced as human beings, many necessary for learning, including the enhancement of the curriculum […]

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