Sho Yoshizawa, a 4th year flight operation (pilot training) course at JF Oberlin University (Machida, Tokyo), received the "Chairman Encouragement Award" from the Japan Aircraft Pilot Association.The association is the only pilot organization in Japan certified by the Prime Minister as a public interest corporation, and consists of more than 6,700 members.The conventional "Chairman Encouragement Award" was given to those who have contributed to the aviation world, but since 2015, the award has been given to those with excellent results among the graduates of the pilot training course at universities and civil aviation colleges. Awarded.This year, one person each was commended from five universities including the same university.

 On February 2016, 2, Chairman Shimoeda of the association visited the university.A certificate of commendation was presented to Mr. Yoshizawa in the presence of President Takayasu Mitani and Professor Takashi Okada. Mr. Yoshizawa, who has been working at Vanilla Air Co., Ltd. since April 26, said, "I want to contribute to the development of the aviation industry so as not to be ashamed of the award I received. I want to return. "

 Mr. Yoshizawa, who will graduate in March 2016, and other 3th gen members of the course completed flight training in New Zealand in the spring of 5 and obtained a Japanese license after returning to Japan.After that, using the latest simulated flight equipment at the same university's flight training center in Tama Academy Hills, he accumulated training with the goal of improving his skills and the maneuvering level required by the airline, and took the airline recruitment test.This year, including JAL (Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.), which resumed adoption from 2015, ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.), ANA Wings Co., Ltd., Solaseed Air Co., Ltd., Vanilla Air Co., Ltd., Peach Aviation Co., Ltd., We have received informal offers from a total of 2015 companies.

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