Keisuke Fujii, Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Center for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, Nagoya University The group of PD and others has a structure of flexible cooperative behavior that is layered according to the level of problems that occur at various levels in the group. Announced that it was the first in the world to quantify through group ball games.

 In the research, with the cooperation of basketball players from top-level universities in Japan, 5 people and the movement of the ball were recorded by motion capture in a 5 to 10 practice close to the actual game.Focusing on the coping behavior of the defensive team against various plays of the offensive team, we quantified how the defensive player changed the role of helping and the result.In group competitions, problems and crises occur frequently as in the actual society, and it is not possible to prevent everything in advance, so teamwork is required, and in ball games it is visibly measurable, so human beings such as cooperation It can be an important subject for understanding relationships.In addition, by combining the system that automatically measures the position of athletes in competition, which is commercially used in the professional league of ball games in recent years, with the system that evaluates team play used in this research, so far. It is also expected to quantify teamwork, which was unclear in the science of.
This research result was published in the British scientific journal "Scientific Reports" on April 2016, 4.

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