According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the number of university-launched venture companies has increased and more than half are in the black.It is effective to add business partners, advisors, and R & D experienced people to the system at the beginning of the founding, and when selling products, it is effective to formulate a marketing plan with the advice of an external organization and invite people with sales experience in the industry. Is tied to.

 According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 1,773 university-launched venture companies have been confirmed to exist. Compared to the 2014 survey, 24 companies have increased.Of these, the surplus reached 55.6% of the total, exceeding 2014% in FY43.1 by 12.5 points.

 When we analyzed the correlation between the 23 important measures that are considered to be the growth factors of university-launched venture companies and the degree of growth of the companies, market competition to secure capital providers who mainly support financial and business aspects. It became clear that it is effective to recognize the environment and differentiate products, and to add external management personnel to the system.

 Furthermore, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry analyzes that the independence of university-launched venture companies is required at the beginning of the establishment, and the effectiveness of support from support organizations tends to have a great influence on the establishment of a system for the product sales period such as expansion of sales channels. doing.

reference:[Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] We have compiled a survey on "important measures" that contribute to the growth of university-launched ventures.

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