On April 28, the day after the 4 Kumamoto Earthquake, about 15 students of all grades and faculty members participated in a free discussion at the Japan Red Cross Kyushu International Nursing University (Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture). This is due to the voice of the students, "Is there anything we can do as a nursing student belonging to the Red Cross?"

 First, Mr. Koike of the Nursing Continuing Education Center, who is familiar with the Red Cross relief activities, presented information such as the outline of the Kumamoto earthquake, the current status of DMAT dispatch, hospitals issuing SOS, and the number of people in evacuation centers.We also listened to the opinions and actual conditions of students from Kumamoto prefecture and recognized the magnitude of the disaster and the situation of the disaster.Next, we will discuss "what we can do now as a Red Cross nursing student", share accurate information gathering, take emergency methods, provide a place for discussions in the future, be interested, raise funds, etc. I got an opinion.

 In response to this discussion, I thought it necessary to continue my activities as a student, so I established the Student Reconstruction Support Committee.In addition to setting up a donation box on campus, it is said that discussions will be held at Learning Commons on April 4 to consider support for continuous activities.

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The Japan Red Cross Kyushu International Nursing University was born in 2001 as the fourth nursing university established by the Japan Red Cross Academy.Through a curriculum based on the idea of ​​"humanitarianism," which is the basic principle of the Red Cross, by steadily accumulating each subject, "anytime, anywhere, in any situation, to anyone [...]

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