The diligence, seriousness, and patience that I had acquired when I was a junior high school student improved my future labor income, according to the "National Survey on Changes in Working Styles and Lifestyles" by the Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo.

Diligence in junior high school led to high education and high income, and there was a difference of 60 to 70 yen in annual average income between the group with the highest diligence and the group with the lowest diligence.


 According to it, each sample was asked to self-evaluate the three items of "diligence," "seriousness," and "patience" in junior high school on a four-point scale.Comparing this with the average annual income, it was found that the higher the diligence, the higher the income.This tendency was especially strong for men, but this difference in ability is not explained in the family environment in which they were born and raised.

 A survey of sudden overtime and holiday work by regular and non-regular employees revealed that overtime was 35.2% for male full-time employees, 29.0% for part-time employees, and 31.6% for temporary employees. It wasn't a thing.In particular, the difference is small for men in occupations with a relatively large number of non-regular employees such as sales occupations.

 Furthermore, when asked about their views on marriage, many unmarried people who answered that "married is happier" in 2007 are more likely to get married, "do not feel the need to get married" and "want to devote themselves to work". It became clear that the more people who answered, the harder it was to get married.

reference:[Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo] Press Release of "National Survey on Changes in Working Styles and Lifestyles XNUMX"

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