At the International Business Case Competition (* 1) held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, four students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University won the third prize.

 According to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, the participants were Shin Hao (4th grade, from Singapore), Marisa Meu (4th grade, from the US), and Nguyen Bao (4th grade, from Vietnam). , Froemelt Salika (2nd grade, from Thailand).

 In this case competition, each team presents a solution to a given company's problem within a limited time, and within 5 hours or 24 hours, an existing cancer research support NPO organization And challenged to solve the problems of indigenous groups.Mr. Meu commented, "It was good that the members took advantage of their respective strengths and challenged with teamwork."The University of Southern California in the United States won the tournament, and the local University of British Columbia came in second.

 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University aims to become an international standard business school and will continue to focus on participating in business case competitions.Toshiji Otake, Dean of the Faculty of International Management, said, "The case competition will help students to fly to the world. I hope that students will participate and aim for the world."

(* 1) Case competition A team-based competition that proposes solutions to a given problem and competes for superiority or inferiority.

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