On December 2020, 12 and January 19, 2021, the Faculty of Education of Tsukuba University will collaborate with "high school students aiming for an educational profession" and "educational internship students" for high school students and parents of high school students. Hold a learning project online.

 The University of Tsukuba School of Education accepts on-site classes and laboratory visits to high schools nationwide, and the students who belong to it also actively interact with many high school students through university information sessions and club activities.This project will be held as part of a high school-university collaboration project that makes use of these activities.

 The content of the project was planned to convey the appeal of pedagogy as an academic discipline to high school students, centered on the students of the "education internship", which is a course offered in the pedagogy.The theme is "What exactly is" education "learning !? -The real learning of active students in the Faculty of Education, University of Tsukuba-".

 The program consists of two parts, and in Part 2 "Attractiveness of Pedagogy from the Viewpoint of Students Studying Pedagogy", the second year students of the Pedagogy will play a central role in how they see pedagogy at Tsukuba University. Introduce what you are learning to high school students in an easy-to-understand manner.In the second part, "Let's talk with students of the University of Tsukuba Education", participants and students will form a group and give free talks about their interest in teaching profession and pedagogy, learning at university and student life.In addition, for those who wish, we will also provide "individual consultation" in which students and faculty members individually answer questions, questions, and worries that they did not hear enough.


Reference: [University of Tsukuba] Must-see for high school students interested in education!We will hold a free online event!

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