Takushoku University has started the "Takushoku University International Student Employment Support Program" to support international students' employment in Japan.

 Currently, Takushoku University has about 1,000 international students.Some international students want to work in Japan even after graduation, but they cannot adapt to the new graduate recruitment environment peculiar to Japan and have to return to Japan, and there is little appropriate part-time job information, so it is poor. It is said that there are many international students who have troubles related to employment, such as putting themselves in a comfortable working environment.

 In order to improve this situation, Takushoku University is looking at part-time employment, internships, and employment activities for international students, such as "learning Japanese," "learning Japanese culture," and "understanding Japanese companies." Started "Takushoku University International Student Employment Support Program" to improve employment ability step by step.By preparing a detailed program that corresponds to the proficiency level of Japanese culture of international students, we aim to be a career education program at a university that is conscious of employment in Japan.

 In promoting the program, we will collaborate with the Nasic Student Information Center Group, which has a cooperative relationship with Takushoku University's part-time job and student housing introduction, to develop and accept programs for part-time jobs and internships, student matching, and employment. We will build a detailed support system that includes improving the working environment and labor management from the standpoint of middle school students.

 First, on June 2016nd and 6rd, 22, we held a part-time job briefing session for international students.Nasik explained the rules and manners based on legal compliance, and introduced Japanese level, skill check, part-time job, etc. through individual interviews.

 In the future, in order to support future employment in Japanese companies, the company plans to promote a paid internship program with a view to introducing co-op education that combines classes and corporate training.

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