On December 2018, 12, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. announced the trend forecast and keywords for 17 in the eight areas of housing, new graduate recruitment, mid-career recruitment, dispatching, part-time job part, beauty, automobiles, and food and drink. ..

 The 8 trend forecast keywords for each of the eight areas announced by Recruit Holdings are as follows.
"Dualer (living area)" "Job area (new graduate recruitment area)" "Workplace scout recruitment (mid-career recruitment area)" "Rome Biz university student (human resources dispatch area)" "Learning place Ito (part-time job area)" "Salo friend (Beauty area) "" Moshimo CAR Den (automobile area) "" Porta gourmet (food and drink area) "

 The 2019 keyword for new graduate recruitment, "Job Area," is an initiative in which local SMEs and government / financial institutions collaborate to support the retention of young people in the region.Against the background of population outflow from rural areas and the recent seller market, local communities are formed with the common purpose of promoting regional development by recruiting competitors with different interests.We are working to create a place where young people can be established in the community by hiring and training them throughout the community and town.In order to deepen students' understanding of the value of working in the area, we recommend interviews with other companies in the area, and hold joint informal formulas and training in anticipation of isolation prevention and retention after joining the company. Supporting students who will be in the U / I turn.

 In order to acquire the experience necessary for career development such as Japanese corporate culture and business etiquette, "Rome Biz University Students" in the field of dispatching work work at a company while attending school while balancing their studies, and have various work experiences "Biz (Business)". ) An international student who has "experience".
The number of international students in 2017 exceeded 12, an increase of 2015% compared to 15, and it is expected that the employment challenges for graduates will increase in the future.Meanwhile, 85% of international students (university and graduate students) in Japan want to get a job in Japan, but in reality, only 36% can get a job in Japan.On the other hand, companies need human resources who can be a force regardless of nationality due to labor shortages.
Under these circumstances, the dispatch service for international students is beginning to be used as a means to realize the desires of foreign students who want to have the experience necessary for career development and companies who want human resources who can be a force.For international students, there are merits such as being able to introduce jobs that are useful for the desired career and being able to consult when there is a problem during work, and the company side is able to introduce the desired human resources and manage the labor of the international student staff. There are merits such as getting it.

Reference: [Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.] This is the 10th time this year! 2019 trend forecast announced

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