Concur Co., Ltd., a leader in the cloud for business trips and expense management, conducted a survey of 412 faculty members and staff working at the university regarding the digitization of university operations.

 According to the survey, when asked "Do you think your main business needs to be digitized?" To faculty members and staff working at the university, 82% answered "Yes."As the society and environment change due to the new coronavirus, it has become clear that the needs for digitization of operations are increasing even at university institutions.

 Also, when asked how much the actual work is digitized, divided into "lecture" and "office work", about 9% of the respondents answered that the lecture was "digitized". Only 58% of the respondents answered that their office work at the university was "digitalized".

 The most common reason why digitalization is not progressing in university office work is "conventional custom (86%)", and it turns out that it is difficult to change immediately if there is already a fixed processing flow. rice field.The next most common were "no necessary tools (73%)" and "problems with internal regulations (60%)".While there are many tools that can be used for online lectures, it can be inferred that the delay in digitization is due to the fact that there are not many tools that support business flows, which often differ from university to university.

 When asked how they are doing each of the tasks that are often carried out in university office work, such as purchasing goods, reimbursing expenses, and responding to audits, "purchasing goods and payment procedures" and "reimbursement of travel expenses" It was found that about 4% of the respondents in "Correspondence to the Board of Audit and Audit Corporations" and "Application for Research Funds and Expenditure Report" still process paper.From these results, it can be seen that while 3% of people think that "business digitization is necessary", the actual situation is far from ideal.

Reference: [PR TIMES] [Survey on digitization of university operations] About half of the DX "not advanced" in university office work

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