In the fields of “Finance” and “Public”, which are popular among students
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 At the Faculty of Economics of Tokyo Keizai University (Kokubunji City, Tokyo), from 2023, "Financial Selected Program" and "Public Selected Program" will be offered as new selective programs.

 The Faculty has traditionally held “Career Courses” in its undergraduate education to acquire basic skills as a member of society in anticipation of future career paths. In addition to acquiring specialized knowledge, such as developing programs to improve employment ability in the same industry through support in collaboration with organizations, we are focusing on practical education to play an active role in an uncertain society after graduation. there isThe newly established "Financial Selected Program" and "Public Selected Program" will be offered to further strengthen the faculty's tradition of fusing academic basic understanding and practical practical education.

 At Tokyo Keizai University, a comprehensive social sciences university, every year there are many students who aspire to work in the fields of finance and the public sector (public servants). It is necessary to develop human resources with the ability to do so.In the financial sector, various business developments are underway based on new technologies such as the promotion of DX through FinTech and the utilization of big data. is sought after.

 In both programs, new subjects will be set up with a small selection system, and the existing curriculum system will be utilized to cultivate the ability to identify and solve problems.


Learn practically and develop the skills necessary to be active on the front lines

  In the "Financial Selection Program", two new subjects will be newly established exclusively for program students, and through systematic learning in parallel with existing finance-related subjects, students will acquire the skills to put their academic basic understanding of advanced financial fields into practice. .

 In the new course "Financial Data Analysis", students will use basic models to deepen their understanding of the handling and analysis of data that is essential in the financial field.In another newly established subject, "Practical Finance Course," students learn about the front lines of the industry through lectures given by alumni who are active on the front lines of the financial field in collaboration with alumni groups.In addition, we support the acquisition of various qualifications recommended in the financial field through affiliated courses.Students will be able to develop comprehensive skills to be active in the future financial industry by learning multifacetedly along with specialized subjects.

 In addition, the ``Public Selection Program'' is characterized by a small group practice course in the second year and an internship course in the third year.By learning in a practical format rather than in lectures, it is possible to involve many people and develop leadership and dialogue skills to solve problems while cooperating. In the third-year civil service internship, students will experience the rigors of having to accurately and sensitively perceive the actual situation of the region, and systematically study subjects related to the existing regional economy, social security, environment, etc. Therefore, it is expected that students will acquire the ability to utilize economic perspectives and mathematical thinking on social policies.

 In addition, we will cooperate with affiliated courses inside and outside the university to support learning for the civil service exam.As for future career paths, the diverse hopes of students include not only civil servants, but also people who can play an active role in semi-governmental organizations such as chambers of commerce and tourism associations, as well as companies that support public policy from a private standpoint such as NPOs and think tanks. You can extend your force along the
Both programs will be held as limited programs that only students of the Faculty of Economics can belong to.Students will be selected for affiliation in the second term of the first year after admission, and will belong to each program from the second year and attend lectures systematically until the fourth year.


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Tokyo Keizai University is the predecessor of Okura Commercial School, which was founded in 1900 by Kihachiro Okura, a businessman who was active in the Meiji and Taisho eras.As a university that practices "academic-backed practical education" with the spirit of "advancement" and "responsibility and credibility" to move forward even in difficult times, it is highly ethical. […]

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