List of Graduate Schools
Graduate School of EconomicsEconomics Major (Master) Correspondence Capacity: 10 students
Graduate School of Culture, KyotoDepartment of Cultural Studies in Kyoto (Master) Correspondence Capacity: 10 students

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code603-8555
AddressKamigamo Motoyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
DepartmentTheology Center (Graduate School)
Phone number075-705-1913

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List of articles by Kyoto Sangyo University

Combining informatics, engineering, and biology - from expanding human senses and perceptions to researching the senses of insects.From the development of insect robots to the creation of "moving specimens"

When you look into the laboratory, you will see what looks like a mechanical workshop.As you go deeper, you will see a huge cardboard box made of blue plastic […]

Kyoto Sangyo University - Providing flexible employment support that matches the individuality and timing of each student, and sending out human resources who can think and act on their own into society

Kyoto Sangyo University is a comprehensive university with 10 faculties and 18 departments in the humanities and sciences, with about 1 students studying on one campus […]

Elucidation by Kyoto Sangyo University et al.

 Research groups such as Kyoto Sangyo University and the National University of Singapore have investigated the mechanism by which dying epithelial cells in epithelial tissue ``shed off'' […]

Kyoto Sangyo University, LINE, and Softbank form a comprehensive partnership agreement to promote university DX and support student life

 Kyoto Sangyo University, LINE Corporation, and SoftBank Corp. have concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement to promote university DX by utilizing advanced technology […]

Nagoya University and Kyoto Sangyo University clarified the mechanism of stomatal formation suppression after submersion in amphibious plants

 A joint research group of Nagoya University and Kyoto Sangyo University* found that in amphibious plants, submersion is quickly detected by ethylene, and leaf stomata are formed […]

List of articles by Kyoto Sangyo University