List of articles of Meiji University

Yasuka Toda, Specially Appointed Lecturer at Meiji University, Wins the 4th Shining Female Researcher Award

 The winners of the 4th Shining Female Researcher Award were decided, and on November 2022, 11, an award ceremony was held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo.Shining woman […]

Meiji University and Kirin developed spoons and bowls that increase the saltiness of low-salt diets by 1.5 times with current waveforms

 A research group led by Professor Yoshiaki Miyashita of Meiji University has increased the saltiness of low-salt foods by about 1.5 times through joint research with Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd. […]

Meiji University's Faculty of Information and Communication Starts Industry-Academia Collaboration Class "Internship" with Toppan Printing

 From September 2022, 9, Meiji University's Faculty of Information and Communication […]

Meiji University POLARIS publishes current status survey and technical verification on "dual-use technology" on website

 “Meiji University Research and Intellectual Property Strategy Institute, Civil Society and Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (POLARIS),” which is represented by Professor Tadahiro Katsuta of the Faculty of Law, Meiji University […]

Developed by Hosei University, etc., the latest prototype of the soft sofa-type vehicle "Poimo" with a balloon structure

 The joint research group of Hosei University, Meiji University, Miyagi University, the University of Tokyo, and Mercari, Inc. has been called “poimo” […]

Meiji University builds Japan's prewar stock price database, revealing 140 years of stock market history

 Meiji University's Stock Index Research Institute (Research and Intellectual Property Strategy Organization) collects data such as individual stock prices of Japanese companies since 11 […]

Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation at Chuo University for Cyber ​​Security Human Resource Development

 Chuo University, Meiji University Graduate School of Governance, Z Holdings, Dai Nippon Printing, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Superintendent […]

Meiji University develops a taste and appearance converter for milk to crab cream croquette

 Professor Yoshiaki Miyashita of Meiji University has developed a device that changes the taste and appearance of food and drink.In the experiment, you can safely experience milk even if you are allergic to shellfish […]

Meiji University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics students create a pamphlet to prevent "job hunting sexual harassment"

 Meiji University Faculty of Political Science and Economics 3rd year Takamine Seminar students are sexual harassment from corporate employees to students who are looking for a job, so-called "job hunting [...]

Following the evolution of bitterness sensation from analysis of egg-laying mammals, platypus and short-beaked echidna

 International collaborative research teams such as Hokkaido University, Meiji University, Kyoto University, Adelaide University, Australian National University, and Copenhagen University […]
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