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Remotely controlled android reproduces operator's line of sight and facial expressions University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo Denki University

 Associate Professor Yoshihiro Nakada of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Electro-Communications, Keiko Shinkawa, a master's student, and Assistant Professor Mizui Nakajima of the Faculty of Future Science, Tokyo Denki University, are far […]

Tokyo Denki University and Albion use deep learning to image the future skin with continuous use of spots and cosmetics that have not surfaced

 Tokyo Denki University and Albion Co., Ltd., which are conducting joint research on a new skin analysis method using deep learning, said, “Surface using deep learning […]

Temperature is the only determinant of cryptorchidism not forming sperm Tokyo Denki University

 According to the research results of Professor Shigenobu Tona, a special full-time professor at Tokyo Denki University, it is found that temperature is the only cause of sperm formation in "undescended testis" […].

Impact of corona damage on the number of heat stroke carriers, evaluated by Nagoya Institute of Technology, etc.

 A joint research group of Nagoya Institute of Technology, Tohoku University Cyber ​​Science Center, and Tokyo Denki University is working on meteorological data and computational simulation […]

Tokyo Denki University to provide DX-based services for local governments through industry-academia collaboration

 Tokyo Denki University, Expolis GK, and IBM Japan, Ltd. have jointly conducted demonstration experiments * and distributed data within the region […]

Tokyo Denki University and Kandenko conclude cooperation agreement in the field of resilience

 Tokyo Denki University and Kandenko Co., Ltd. will comprehensively prepare for the establishment of a joint research project on resilience improvement on October 2020, 10 […]

Tokyo Denki University opens “3rd campus” on YouTube, appealing to examinees

 From July 2020, 7, Tokyo Denki University will announce the official YouTube channel "Denki YouTube […]" for examinees and high school students.

Tokyo Denki University agrees with Toshimaoka Girls' Academy to collaborate with middle and high schools

 On April 2019, 4, Tokyo Denki University will conclude an agreement with Toshimaoka Girls' Academy Junior and Senior High School for cooperation between junior and senior high schools.Toshimaoka Girls' Academy […]

Started providing communication data of people such as Tokyo Denki University

 The National New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and Tokyo Denki University have images of human facial expressions during group communication […]
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