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Kio University Neurorehabilitation Research Center 10th anniversary

 Kio University's neurorehabilitation department is known for its rehabilitation research that applies evidence from neuroscience […]

Stroke patients' clumsiness in grasping objects stems from sensory impairment rather than motor paralysis Kio University

 Ryo Akakuchi of Kio University Graduate School Doctoral Program/Setsunan General Hospital, Professor Shu Morioka of the same university, Kami of the National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities Research Institute […]

Pain is difficult to improve if related symptoms such as insomnia and fatigue are strong, Kio University analyzes

 Algesic modulation pain, which causes pain to become chronic, includes strong pain that occurs over a wider range than expected from the amount of injury, fatigue, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Kio University achieves great success in passing national exams for nurses, public health nurses, and midwives for 4 consecutive years 

 The results of the national examinations for nurses, public health nurses, and midwives held in February 2024 were announced on March 2, 2024, and the 3th graduate and […]

CREST “NARRABODY”, a strategic creative research promotion project, kicks off with the 1st Japan-France joint meeting

 Professor Sotaro Shimada of Meiji University, Professor Shogo Tanaka of Tokai University, Professor Shu Morioka of Kio University, and Yves Ro of the French National Institute of Health and Medicine […]

Kio University achieves 2024% pass rate for 2 national physical therapist examination for second consecutive year

 At Kio University, 2024 people from the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, took the physical therapist national examination held in February 2, and all of them passed […]

Survey on the usage status of ``Samida Minna no Veranda'', a relaxing place created by students of Kio University's Department of Human Environmental Design

 Kio University has entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kawai Town, Kitakatsuragi District, Nara Prefecture, and aims to create a place for interaction and a place for local residents to hang out in 2023.

Students from the Department of Nursing and Medical Sciences at Kio University conduct sex education seminars for second-year students at prefectural high schools.

 In the Department of Nursing and Medical Care at Kio University, as part of the ``Maternity Nursing Practicum'' that third-year students learn for the first time in 2023, students will be attending high school […]

Nara Co-op meal kit designed by Kio University Health and Nutrition Department students and collaboration menu released

 The meal kits and easy cooking packs sold by Nara Co-op include a collaboration menu “Kio University […]

Do elderly people whose ``emotional age'' exceeds their actual age have an increased risk of needing nursing care? Kio University

 A study by Professor Katsuhiko Takatori of Kio University and his colleagues found that people who feel that their subjective age (emotional age) is ``older than their actual age'' have lower levels of higher functioning [...]
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