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Kobe University to establish Japan's first SME M&A research base in graduate school

 Kobe University will set up the SME M&A Research and Education Center in the Graduate School of Business Administration, the first base in Japan to study mergers and acquisitions of SMEs. […]

A study by Kobe University and Doshisha University reveals that praising children for their good work and scolding them for their future

 Professor Kazuo Nishimura of Kobe University and Professor Tadashi Yagi of Doshisha University discussed the influence of how parents praised and scolded children in childhood on their future […]

Nara Women's University discovered a substance that prevents the invasion of Argentine ants and fire ants from native Japanese ants

 A joint research team* from Nara Women's University, etc. has severely repelled invasive ants such as Argentine ants and fire ants, as if they had met a mighty enemy […]

Kobe University and others systematically elucidate the reason why values ​​regarding environmental conservation differ from country to country

 A research group from Kobe University, Tokyo City University, and Kyoto University analyzed global survey data and used social and personal indicators to help people protect the environment […]

Discharged eels cannot beat natural eels, Chuo University and others verify the effect of released eels

 The research team * led by the Research and Development Organization of Chuo University is based on research on natural eels and cultured eels released in Japan.

The number of hours of science in junior high school affects the number of patent applications, analysis of Kobe University, etc.

 The number of patent applications for the generation who received a leisurely education for three years in junior high school has decreased compared to other generations, which is the Kobe University Computational Social Science Research Center […]

The jaggedness of the petals of the white egret flower is supported by the hawk moth that carries pollen, and is elucidated by Kobe University and others.

 Research groups at Kobe University Graduate School, Himeji Tegarayama Greenhouse Botanical Garden, and Osaka Museum of Natural History characterize wild orchid flowers of Sagisou […]

Dialogue with Russian Scientists Needed to Promote Arctic Research Kobe University Contributes to Nature

 Kobe University Polar Cooperation Research Center needs to continue dialogue with Russian scientists even after Russia's invasion of Ukraine to promote Arctic research […]

Kobe University elucidates the cause of autism due to abnormalities in hematopoietic cells during the fetal period

 An international collaborative research group led by Professor Toru Uchitaku of Kobe University Graduate School has found that hematopoietic cells are epigenetic when the cause of idiopathic autism is the fetus (Note […]].

Kobe University elucidates the mechanism by which muscles decrease when not moving

 A research group led by Professor Wataru Ogawa of Kobe University Graduate School has clarified for the first time in the world the mechanism by which muscle mass decreases when not moving.Muscle loss […]
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