The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has decided to select a project for the FY2023 University Education Revitalization Strategy Promotion Fund, ``Project to Build Networked Graduate Schools in the Humanities and Social Sciences.''

 The “Project to Build a Network-type Graduate School in the Humanities and Social Sciences” is based on the “Direction of Graduate School Education Reform in the Humanities and Social Sciences” (Interim Report) (Central Council for Education, August 2022, 8). The aim is to build a new model for training high-level humanities and social sciences humanities and social sciences that meets society's expectations through educational research.

 In principle, there were eight applications, with conditions such as starting accepting students from 2024 (or at the latest 2025) and collaborating with two or more universities other than the university's own university.Of these, five projects were selected.The selected representative schools, partner schools, and project names are as follows.

・Ibaraki University (affiliated schools: Utsunomiya University, Tokiwa University)
“Building a Diversity Management Regional Co-Creation Leader Degree Program that realizes opportunity creation and problem solving by building an inclusive society that begins with respect for diversity and vulnerability.”

・Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (affiliated schools: University of Tsukuba, Sophia University)
"English Education Initiative Program"

・Kobe University (affiliated schools: Otaru University of Commerce, Wakayama University)
“An integrated education program from value creation to social implementation to develop human resources who can co-create interactive business value to solve regional/social issues”

・Osaka Public University (affiliated schools: Wakayama University, Kansai University, University of Distribution Sciences)
“CSV (Creating Shared Value) Management Research Program”

・Ryukoku University (affiliated schools: Ryukyu University, Kyoto Bunkyo University)
“University Collaborative Social Innovation Human Resource Development Program”

 Ryukoku University, the only private university selected as a representative school, takes up real-world issues and develops the skills needed for social innovation, such as the ability to see the causes of social issues from multiple perspectives and the ability to combine and add knowledge from diverse fields. We will develop a PBL-type educational program that fosters the ability to create value.The Graduate School of Regional Co-creation at the Ryukyu University Graduate School, which we collaborate with, develops highly specialized professionals who utilize Okinawa's regional characteristics as educational resources, and the Kyoto Bunkyo University Graduate School of Clinical Psychology has a research institute and specializes in clinical psychology. is being applied to the field of industrial mental health.The program also responds to the reskilling needs of working adults in various industries, and aims to produce as many people as possible in the world who boldly take on challenges while understanding the difficulty of balancing social and economic rationality. Aim for that.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] We will announce the selection results for the FYXNUMX “Network Graduate School Construction Project in Humanities and Social Sciences”
[Ryukoku University]Ryukoku University (representative school) selected for Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's FY5 "Humanities and Social Sciences Network Graduate School Construction Project" (partner schools: University of the Ryukyus, Kyoto Bunkyo University) [Faculty of Policy Studies]

Kobe University

To an outstanding research university that shines with advanced research and fusion research

Kobe University, which is located in a port city open to the world, has 4 faculties and 10 faculties under the 15 university arts series of "humanities / human sciences", "social sciences", "natural sciences", and "life / medical sciences". It is a comprehensive university with a graduate school, one research institute and many centers. Based on the philosophy of "harmony between science and reality," we have strengths in both the humanities and science fields […]

Ibaraki University

Rooted in the land of Ibaraki, our goal is to contribute to a sustainable society and continue to produce excellent human resources.

Ibaraki University was established in 1949 (Showa 24) by integrating Mito High School, Ibaraki Normal School, Ibaraki Youth Normal School, and Taga Technical College.As a community-based university, we aim to contribute to the promotion of local education, research, art, culture, and industry, and to continue to produce talented human resources in the local and international communities […].

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Starting from a foreign language, going to various parts of the world for deep learning

In order to explore global issues, it is essential to acquire the language used in the target region.Tokyo University of Foreign Studies offers a detailed and careful language education, as well as advanced and specialized educational programs in the humanities and social sciences.In addition, 7% of current students have experienced long-term study abroad.Only in English-speaking countries […]

Ryukoku University

"Less Me More We" From your own world to the world of thinking about us.

Ryukoku University has a tradition of more than 380 years and has been conducting education and research activities for the longest time in Japan.A comprehensive university with 3 campuses in Kyoto and Shiga prefectures, with about 10 students studying in 1 faculties and 2 junior college.Since its founding, it has continued to make the "spirit of Jodo Shinshu" the spirit of its founding, "seeking the truth, living in the truth, and revealing the truth [...]

Osaka Public University

In April 2022, “Osaka Public University” will open with Osaka Prefectural University and Osaka City University as its parent organization.

Osaka Metropolitan University was opened in April 2022 by integrating Osaka Prefectural University and Osaka City University.Both are universities with a history of about 4 years, and are general universities with 140 faculties, and the number of students is about 12.It is the largest public university in Japan.A new "base of knowledge" that connects people, society, cities, and the world to the metropolis of Osaka […]

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