List of articles on Alzheimer's disease

Shimadzu Corporation, Hokkaido Information University, and others begin a 10-year continuous study on food and cognitive function in Ebetsu City

 Precision equipment manufacturer Shimadzu Corporation, Ebetsu City, Hokkaido, Hokkaido Information University, National Institute of Agriculture and Food Industry, and Self-Care Food Council have a maximum of 1,20 […]

World's first ultrasound therapy for Alzheimer's disease developed by Tohoku University

 A research group led by Visiting Professor Hiroaki Shimokawa of the Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University believes that low-power pulsed-wave ultrasound treatment is effective and safe for Alzheimer's disease […]

Alzheimer's disease progresses with elevated body temperature, and cognitive function deteriorates Nagoya City University and Chubu University

 According to research by Nagoya City University and Chubu University, raising the temperature of the rearing environment of Alzheimer's disease model mice increases the core body temperature, […]

Alzheimer's disease preventive nasal spray combination is safe and effective, demonstrated by Osaka City University

 A research group led by Professor Takami Tomiyama of Osaka City University graduate school said that when rifampicin and resveratrol were used in combination nasally, rif […]

Atrophy of skeletal muscle due to lack of exercise accelerates the onset of dementia Toyama University

 A group at the University of Toyama found that atrophy of the skeletal muscle of Alzheimer's disease model mice secretes harmful molecules and accelerates the onset of dementia […].

Osaka University and Hokkaido University discover the mechanism by which the causative agent of Alzheimer's disease becomes toxic

 A joint research group of Osaka University and Hokkaido University has developed a special electron microscope […] that the salt that should have been dissolved in the solution repeatedly precipitates and dissolves locally.

When and how likely is Alzheimer's disease to develop?Successful predictions such as Otemon Gakuin University 

 Professor Keiichi Onoda of Otemon Gakuin University specializing in cognitive neuroscience, Professor Atsushi Nagai of the Department of Neurology, Shimane University School of Medicine, and ERISA Co., Ltd. […]

Periodontal disease promotes import of senile plaque components into the brain and is involved in Alzheimer-type dementia

 Infection with gingivalis (Pg), which is a typical causative bacterium of periodontal disease, causes amyloid plaque in the brain, which is a characteristic of Alzheimer-type dementia […]

Slightly regenerating nerve cells in the hippocampus establish memory during REM sleep

 A joint research team at the University of Tsukuba and the University of Tokyo found that a small number of nerve cells (newborn neurons) that regenerate in the adult brain establish memory during REM sleep […].

Suppressing tauopathy-type dementia with nasal drip vaccine Kyoto University

 In the majority of dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, accumulation of tau protein aggregates is observed as a characteristic lesion.Abnormal storage of tau protein […]
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