Energy article list

Development of power generation technology utilizing gamma rays emitted by radioactive waste Chubu University and Osaka University

 A joint research team of Chubu University and Osaka University has developed a new technology to generate electricity by a simple method using "gamma rays," which is one of the radiations.this […]

Kyoto University General Survival Academy, Innovation Center established

 The Kyoto University Comprehensive Survival Academy is the first national university to systematically develop joint research by promoting cooperation with society and private companies. […]

Realizing the key reaction of the FT method to produce artificial oil without heavy metals Tokyo University

 The group of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering used boron (a component of stone) as a catalyst to connect carbon monoxide to a hydrocarbon chain (petroleum […]].

World's highest level gasoline engine thermal efficiency 52% achieved by Tokyo Institute of Technology and Keio University

 Research groups at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Keio University have applied in-cylinder water injection to an ultra-lean-burn gasoline engine with an increased air excess rate for passenger cars […]

Succeeded in collecting methane off the coast of Urayasu, Tokyo Bay, such as Tokyo Kaiyo University

 Tokyokaiyo University, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo, and University of Tsukuba have succeeded in collecting seabed gas in Tokyo Bay off the coast of Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture.When analyzed, 96 […]

Nagoya Institute of Technology develops fuel cell that generates and stores electricity by a mechanism similar to photosynthesis

 A research group at Nagoya Institute of Technology has developed a new fuel cell that stores solar energy as chemical energy.

Advance to the realization of laser fusion using the world's largest power laser

 The sun is shining with the energy of nuclear fusion.Fusion energy is seen as the ultimate source of energy to solve human energy problems, […]

Chubu University develops a new thin-film material that makes windows of automobiles and buildings one-tenth the weight and three times the hardness

 Professor Yasunori Taga of Chubu University and others have developed a new thin-film material that can reduce the windows of automobiles and buildings to nearly one-tenth.The hardness of the thin film is moth […]

Achieved by lowering the temperature of the process of manufacturing chemical raw materials from greenhouse gases and using braided catalysts

 A mixed gas of carbon monoxide and hydrogen is known as a raw material for various chemical products such as synthetic gasoline and alcohol.

A gear that can be driven in reverse even with a reduction ratio of 100: 1, developed by Yokohama National University, etc.

 New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and Yokohama National University have dramatically improved power transmission efficiency by optimizing the components of the reducer […]