List of articles on women's colleges

Showa Women's University ranks 645st among women's universities nationwide in three categories: employment, global education, and caring in a survey of 3 universities nationwide that are recommended by career advisors

 Showa Women's University was ranked as ``empowering for employment'' in the 645 survey of ``Universities Recommended by Career Advisors'' conducted by University Communication targeting 2023 preparatory schools nationwide.

Sorting out the violent movements of women's colleges. Final Results of 2023 Entrance Examinations and New Faculties, Reorganizations, and Changes to Entrance Examinations for 2024 and Beyond

From September 2023, 9, applications for the 1 entrance examination "comprehensive selection" will begin.In addition, the application guidelines for the 2024 entrance examination “general selection” have been published […]

Showa Women's University's ``actual employment rate'' of 2022 graduates increased year-on-year to 94.6% Top 3 women's universities nationwide

 In the “2023 Actual Employment Rate Ranking” announced by University News on July 7, 21, Showa Women’s University has more than 2022 graduates […]

Tsuda College will allow transgender students to take entrance exams in all faculties and graduate schools from 2025 

 At Tsuda College, the 2025 entrance exam (entrance exam for students entering in April 2025) is based on respecting the diversity of women […]

Japan Women's University, the only private women's university with a science department, holds a "science department summer school" Accepting female high school students

 Japan Women's University will hold "School of Science Summer School 2023" for three days on August 8nd (Wednesday), 2rd (Thursday), and 3th (Friday), 4 […]

Jissen Joshi Gakuen concludes a collaboration and cooperation agreement with Mukogawa Gakuin for the first time as an educational corporation

 On December 2022, 12, Jissen Joshi Gakuen and Mukogawa Gakuin will deepen their cooperation and cooperation at Mukogawa Women's University in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture […]

Kyoto Women's University and JR West sign a partnership agreement on data science education

 Kyoto Women's University, which is planning to open a data science department for the first time at a women's university in April 2023, will be a […]

Showa Women's University tops women's university for 2022th consecutive year in 12 Actual Employment Rate Ranking

 Showa Women's University has announced that the actual employment rate ranking for 2022 (as of July 7nd)* by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd. has been announced.

Jissen Women's University ranks 2022nd in Japan as a women's university in the "Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2"

 In the “Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2022” announced by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd., Jissen Women's University won the second place among women's universities nationwide.Actual employment rate […]

Jissen Women's University, high school girls and examinees open the university library for free until December 12th

 Jissen Women's University and Jissen Women's University Junior College began to open the Hino and Shibuya campus libraries free of charge in June 2022.High school or pre-[…]