Showa Women's University was ranked as one of the ``universities focusing on employment opportunities'' and ``universities focusing on global education'' in the 645 survey of ``Universities Recommended by Career Advisors'' conducted by University Communication targeting 2023 preparatory schools nationwide. It was ranked first among women's universities in Japan in three categories: ``A university that takes care of people.''

 According to University News, which conducted the survey, Showa Women's University has been ranked No. 2 among women's universities in Japan for two years in a row (ranked 1th in the country) as a ``university that focuses on employment opportunities,'' and ``a university that focuses on global education.'' has been ranked No. 9 among women's universities in Japan for the second year in a row (2th in the nation), and ``The University of Care" has been ranked No. 1 among women's universities in Japan for the fourth consecutive year (20th in the nation).

 Showa Women's University's "employment" initiatives do not stop at job hunting, but also support students' career design in designing their own way of life through three pillars: (3) career education, (370) career support program, and (2021) adult mentor system. It is characterized by Under the ``Working Mentor System,'' approximately 1,000 working women, including non-graduates, have registered as mentors, and they consult and advise students on work content, work styles, and career development.As a result of these efforts, in the actual employment rate* ranking based on a university communication survey, we have maintained a high standard, ranking first among women's universities with 12 or more graduates for 1 graduates for 2022 consecutive years, and third place for graduates of 3. ing.

 Regarding "Global Education," we own the campus "Showa Boston" in the international academic city of Boston in the United States, and in addition to including study abroad in Showa Boston in the curriculum of multiple departments, we also provide study abroad opportunities to students who wish to study in all departments. are doing.In recent years, we have invited Penn State Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) to our Setagaya campus, promoting academic collaboration such as common subjects that students from both universities can study together. The Double Degree Program, which allows students to earn two degrees (diplomas) with TUJ and five overseas partner universities in four countries, has already produced more than 4 graduates.

 Regarding "taking care of people," we will promote career education, global education, and student projects in collaboration with local governments and private companies, as well as various initiatives to create an environment where students can grow. We are supporting.Based on the survey results, Showa Women's University believes that this kind of support for students has been supported by career advisors across the country as a ``university that takes care of people.''

*Actual employment rate = number of people who find employment / (number of graduates - number of students advancing to graduate school) x 100

reference:[Showa Women's University] Highly rated in the national preparatory school survey for 3 items: ``employment, global education, and caring'', ranked 1st in the nation for women's universities for the second time last year

Showa Women's University

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With 6 faculties and 14 departments that deepen learning and broaden the horizons, in addition to advanced specialized knowledge, we are focusing on career education and global human resource development education to acquire a wide range of abilities to play an active role in society. ..Career-related courses begin in the first year, and many internships and employment support courses are also open.Overseas can […]

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