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RIKEN and other institutions have established a superovulation method that significantly improves the reproductive efficiency of rats.

 A joint research group including RIKEN, Kyoto University, and Tokai University succeeded in creating a superovulatory pregnancy that increased the number of offspring by more than 1.4 times in rats […]

Deciphering the genetic origins and characteristics of the Japanese people through whole genome analysis

 Research by RIKEN, Shizuoka Prefectural University, and the University of Tokyo has revealed the genetic structure of the Japanese population through large-scale whole genome sequencing of the Japanese population […]

Just heating the culture solution by 3 degrees Celsius increases lettuce yield, research by the University of Tokyo and others

 A research group at the University of Tokyo Graduate School is collaborating with RIKEN, University of Tsukuba, Kisarazu National College of Technology, and Plants Laboratory to develop a plant factory […]

Highly safe short-wave infrared fluorescent dye for medical applications developed by Hokkaido University and others

 A joint research team from Hokkaido University Graduate School and RIKEN has successfully developed a fluorescent dye for medical applications of shortwave infrared fluorescence imaging. […]

Read the whole genome information of Pacific saury, supporting research promotion at Kitasato University

 Professor Kiyoshi Koraku of the National Institute of Genetics, Assistant Professor Kazuya Fukuda of the Department of Marine Life Science, Kitasato University, and Mitsuru Kadota of the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research […]

Children change their "attachment" depending on the partner discovered in marmoset research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, etc.

 Mammal infants cannot survive without being raised by others, so they remember and adore their parents (caregivers) and other people, forming ``attachments.'' […]

Extending lifespan through dietary restrictions is effective when young, and the effect decreases with age.

 An international joint research group including RIKEN and the University of Tokyo has found that simply restricting the intake of methionine, a type of amino acid, at a young age can extend lifespan […]

Japan Women's University signs collaboration and cooperation agreement with RIKEN Environmental Resource Science Research Center to promote research

 The Faculty of Science at Japan Women's University has signed an agreement with the RIKEN Center for Environmental and Resource Science to promote collaboration and cooperation in mutual research.Electron microscope […]

Elucidating the susceptibility to EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinoma in non-smokers

 A joint research group consisting of 19 institutions across the country*, including the National Cancer Center, has determined that individual differences in genes that determine susceptibility to lung adenocarcinoma are not […]

The University of Tokyo and others have invented a hydrophobic "gel-gel phase separation material" that is 99% water, and is expected to be applied in the medical field.

 A research group from the University of Tokyo Graduate School, RIKEN, and Hokkaido University Graduate School has discovered a new phase separation phenomenon, “gel-gel phase separation,” and this phenomenon […]
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